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Markets in Goa
Famous Markets & Shoping Spots In Goa
One of the best-loved and indulged activities in Goa is shopping at its local markets that are a riot of color & exotic products that attract tourists from all over the world. Popular local markets are the Anjuna Saturday night markets, Flea market, Mapusa Friday market and the new market at Margao. The markets of Goa are filled with local handicrafts, cuisine, spices and other items
Anjuna FLEA Market takes place every Wednesday from October onwards throughout the high-season, from around 09:00am to 06:00pm.

It was the hippies who brought about the trend of the flea market at Anjuna beach during the late 1960s, and it's just been getting bigger and better ever since.

Even if you're not interested in buying anything, or don't have the confidence to haggle, this is still a nice place to spend 1 or 2 hours and to see some real Goan locals at work.

In this place, anything goes! 
This is the best place to get all your holiday souvenirs, gifts and beach-clothes at once!

Most stalls offer more or less the same products, but you can bargain like crazy due to the stiff competition between the stalls and stands. 
The flea market is a heaven for hardcore shoppers and good bargainers, to bid on wonderful blends of Tibetan, Kashmiri and Gujarati trinkets and handicrafts, jewellery (silver), European snacks, wooden crafts & carvings, beautiful wall hangings, musical instruments, bed covers, CDs with Goa Trance, artificial ornaments and t-shirts... the list is endless and so is the hustle, bustle, noise and shuffle.
Wednesday flea market at Anjuna is very interesting . It can be a whole new shopping experience. You can take a bus or a motorcycle taxi, or a fisherman's boat from Baga, which is quicker (15 min by boat, 30 min by road). Although you will still find hippies there, it really isn't their market any more. Now dominated by Lambani nomads in their striking clothes and jewelry, and craftspeople from elsewhere in India, the market is a splash of red and orange in a flat clearing above the rocky beach. Bead and white metal bangles, necklaces and earrings, silver toe rings, embroidered shoulder bags, silk and cotton sarongs, and ethnic footwear are among the more ordinary products on sale.

One of the best-loved and indulged activities in Goa is shopping at its local markets that are a riot of color & exotic products that attract tourists from all over the world. Popular local markets are the Anjuna Saturday night markets, Flea market, Mapusa Friday market and the new market at Margao. The markets of Goa are filled with local handicrafts, cuisine, spices and other items
Mapusa is synonymous with its Friday Market, including spices of all kinds. You get great bargains here. Fresh fruit, mostly organically grown, is in abundance. That elusive smell that has your nose twitching is Goa's secret ingredient for all those wonderful sweet and sour curries - round lumps of seedless tamarind, or amot as it is known locally, in great demand in traditional Goan kitchens. Get yourself a string of chouriso or Goa's mouth-watering sausages, spiced and marinated in feni. No sausage anywhere else in the world tastes like the Goan chouriso The sausage can be located outside the Mapusa Municipal Market. If you are looking for the essence of Goa, this market is a must-see on your itinerary. The place is a riot of colour and noise. Goan women dressed in their colourful best, come in from surrounding villages to sell their locally grown or ‘manufactured wares, fried, or boiled, or added to an ordinary dish for extra zing. A walk through the lively market, gives the visitor a taste of the 'spirit' of the land of Goa. Goan women from the nearby villages gather to sell their wares. They brawl for a space in the shade of a building and finally settle underneath the shade of a hand-held umbrella if they fail to find any space. Goan customers prefer to buy fresh foodstuffs every few days, thus the Mapusa Market has plenty of fresh fish, a variety of locally produced vegetables, and exotic fruits from jackfruit and mangoes to plantain bananas. Pickles and preserves, spices, earthen pots, glass bangles, channa baskets coir mats, and the famous Goan 'chouricos' (ready spiced Goan pork sausages), dried fish and prawns, clothing, junk jewelry, and the famous Country liquor is all sold at the most reasonable prices one could possibly find. 

In recent years new shops have come up to cater to the needs of tourists. Several stalls selling trinkets and other articles often picked up by foreign travelers as souvenirs dot the entrance of the markets. Mapusa Market offers a unique opportunity to peer into the lives of locals and get acquainted with their mundane activities. This colorful and vibrant market usually begins at 8 in the morning and goes on till dusk. Practically everything from fruit and vegetables to toddy kitchenware, clothes and accessories and stuffs of daily requirements can be found in this market.The best part of shopping in the Friday Market is, despite the good bargains, you are still expected to haggle. Never pay the first price asked, whether it is over trinkets, straw hats, dried fish or furniture. The Friday Market winds up by dusk and Mapusa quickly gets back to normal, until the following Friday.

In Panaji, the 18th June and MG Roads are the main shopping areas, where you can pick up handicrafts and traditional Goan items. Apart from these, the shops in the city sell clothes - cottons, denims, salwar kameezes, kids wear and saris, shoes - leather, sport shoes and jewellery - semi-precious and fashion jewellery. If you are brand conscious, MG Road is the place for you, the market is home to branded outlets such as Adidas, Nike, Levis and Benetton. Shops on MG Road are open from 9.30 am to 8 pm.
Margao's Municipal Market is the main shopping market which is located to the east of the Municipal Gardens. Here, you could shop for the entire day along with enjoying the Goan food. Special items which you can buy here are shoes, a variety of Goan spices like cinnamon, cardamom, trifala, dagadful, teflam which are used for Goan dishes, dry fish, dry mango preparations and salted dry mangoes. Municipal market is open between 9 am - 2 pm & 4 pm - 8 pm.
The Municipal Market in Vasco lies in the centre of the city, adjacent to the Vasco Residency. In the municipal market, you will find a variety of shoes and clothes. Apna Bazaar is the another market in Vasco, which houses around 25 shops selling designer garments, cosmetics and jewellery. There are also several other shops selling popular music albums, sweets, chaat and cold drinks. The shops in the Municipal market are open between 9 am - 1 pm & 2 pm - 8 pmand shows.
Goa, popularly known as "the beach paradise" is home to some of the finest beaches of the world. The Goan beaches are not only known for their pristine beauty, but they are also famous as the centre of various leisure activities, shopping is one of them. Also, on this beach stretch, you will find restaurants, cafes and juice bars serving the delectable Goan as well as Chinese and Thai cuisine. In reality, every road in Goa leads to a beach and at every end of it, you will find small and big shops selling everything, from handicrafts to traditional Goan items, popular Goan T-Shirts, sarongs and many other souvenirs. Among the beachside shopping centres, Baga-Candolim-Calangute stretch is the most popular. Shopping in the latter part of the day can be quite exciting on this beach stretch. Items which you can buy here are handicrafts, jewellery, sunglasses, goggles, spectacles, light metal figurines, sculptures, semi-precious stone rings and bracelets, all at half price. You will always want to come back for more!!
Fiplees Pub / Disco is open for all you party animals. You could be rocking all night until Fiplees says good morning to you. Fiplees has all the possible good price, not to forget the cuisine, just get served some of the most delicious Indian, Tandoori, Continental, Chinese & Speciality Goan Dishes.